Keep Your Home Comfortable and Healthy

Maintaining a healthy environment for your home is vital for your family, pets, and loved ones. You should service your home’s A/C unit each year to make sure that your system is working as efficiently as possible and your family is breathing clean air. Maintaining your unit can also save you a lot of money- in both repair and electricity bills.

Throughout the year, the condensing coils and air filters will collect dust and dirt and this will reduce the effectiveness of your machines. This means your house will not cool as effectively in the hot summer months here in Louisiana and your electricity bill will increase. Your unit may also work too hard and can break due to these buildups, which can cost you much more in repair costs or for a replacement unit.


When a unit is not maintained, it can also let in outside pollen and dirt that your family will end up living in. This can aggravate allergies and other respiratory problems associated with poor air quality. You can help this some by making sure your filters are replaced regularly, but a yearly service maintenance is still recommended as a technician can access the more crucial parts of the unit to clean and refresh it. This could include problems like:

  • Low refrigerant
  • Sensor Problems
  • Thermostat Issues
  • Electrical Failures
  • Ductwork Issues
  • Unit Drainage Clogs
  • Dirty Vents and Filters